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Exploring evolving notions of identity

Exploring evolving notions of identity

Chris Lewis-Jones: Film and Projection


Never Mind the Pollocks here's Chris Lewis Jones


A day with Chris Lewis Jones for
'Nottinghamshire Loves Learning'.

Searching for Albion


Made with my old mate
(and fellow political refugee from the the 80's) Lizzy Soden.

A self-funded exploration of contemporary English cultural identity. Made with the support of Tate Modern but no one else (you know who I mean)!
An on-going project that will take us to a number of 'quintessentially English' locations, including
The Malvern Hills, Brick Lane, Albert Dock, Tyneside, North Notts pit villages, the Pennines and Brighton.

we're also working on live art/film/interventionist
exploration of English manners

Curve families with variable genus

Yelena Popova on Vimeo


Yelena Popova and Chris Lewis-Jones were bought together to create a piece of work by the Old Skool Breaks programme at Primary, a series of Events based on the chance random pairing of two artists from the studios. This is the seventh event in the yearlong series.
The two artists agreed to take a Curve as the subject of their joint endeavor. To draw a curve one needs 3 points – accordingly, a third person, the young choreographer Emma Lewis Jones became involved in the conversation.
Chris works a lot in the field of performance and live art, Emma studies choreography, while Yelena works in painting installation and video.